Aye I Got A Song Coming Out

2017-10-08 04:03:38 by Imthatkid10

So I'm making this song I'll try to make it come out faster. I don't wanna make it take too long 



but trust me... It's gonna come out

New Songs

2017-09-24 02:46:06 by Imthatkid10

So after 50 or 100 views on my new song I will make a special, you will say what should it be about 

Comment Example: After 50 (or 100) Views Can You Try To Make A Song Like One Of Your Friends



(it took me 1 hour to think if this xD)


2017-09-08 23:58:27 by Imthatkid10

Here's Some News- I'm Working Hard On A Lot RIght Now

School. YouTube, Twitch. Homework, Talking To People, AND A LOT MORE! 

so i can't do everything on here :l sorry

gee new song?

2017-08-27 02:10:39 by Imthatkid10

well i haven't made a song or anything in a while for a good resaon. Well 3 reasons 


1.  I Had To Reset My Pc And Make It Like NEW Again. 

2.  Before My PC Was Running Slow Nothing Started Up. It Started Up But I Would Take Like  1 hour if you had the time

3. FL Wasn't Working And SoundTrap (it's on google) Wasn't going on because it's connected to Google and stuff and i was trying something on my Laptop (windows xp) it was Slow And Scratch (making a animation) But I Stopped It Because It Wasn't Going Anywhere tbh


I got most of the apps back. i can't get fl :'( so rip songs I'll do animations and other stuff


2017-07-31 00:35:56 by Imthatkid10


If you want to message me or add me on stuff I'll tell you :D also I'm making songs based around undertale it's like a remix but it's my version of all songs but different names and stuff


Steam: Itsthatkid [Real] - http://steamcommunity.com/id/itsthatkid10real/

Discord: ItsthatkidReal

YouTube: Itsthatkid10 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBECj5777atBA3mfPy7IQjw

Soundtrap (Where i make songs) : Itsthatkid 10 - https://www.soundtrap.com/itsthatkid#

Geometry dash: iTsKiD - iTsKiD10

Xbox Name: tiyonnkid973

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/itsthatkidreal

Ps4 Name: itsthatkid10

So there you go :D